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Real-time graphical display of vessel's layouts and tank plans, giving officers maximim ease in accessing each tank and room in the ship arrangement.
The user interface clearly shows tank filling (trim corrected) and floaded tank of rooms, as well as vessel's longitudinal and transversal trim.

loading user interface

Loading computer system calculates in real time the set up condition related to the actual edited loadcase and allows you to see on the screen heeled and trimmed hullforms and water plane shapes at the chosen position. In the central area of the screen you can select the window you want to visualize between the following:
- Loading
- Stability
 - Flooded Tanks (if damage calculations are required)
 - Additional Criteria
 - Weights/Buoyancy
 - Strength (chart)
 - Strength (table).

Choosing a window the selected calculation runs automatically.
Results can be printed directly or as a Pdf document.

vessel trim computing

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