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Hydrostatic in real time
Floating position, most relevant hydrostatic data (displacement, trim and heel, gravity and buoyancy centers), as well as GM and Free Surface moment are always visible, and updated in real time.
loading computer hydrostatic

The application checks for compliance with the relevant longitudinal strength limits, either in case of intact or damaged hull.
Master can check weight and buoyancy diagram, as well as shear forces and bending moments (with frame accurancy).
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Assessment of vesselís stability in intact and damaged conditions, with an alarm when intact or damage stability criteria are not met.
Computation are based on free surface moment or fluid simulation, with trim corrected displacement of liquid loads. All computations are performed on the real 3D geometry of the tanks.
A broad range of additional stability criteria is available (i.e. Minimum GM, WEATHER, GRAIN)
loading computer stability

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